Julie Christensen, singer-songwriter - Where The Fireworks Are album cover

"Peter Hay is someone with whom artists want to work, and from whom the radio programmers WANT to hear: He is kind, thorough, and gets results. I'm proud to have worked with Peter on two successful campaigns and have known him since my first radio promotion in 1997. He is a treasure, and I've recommended him to other happy artists." - Julie Christensen, singer-songwriter

Sonya Heller - 17 West album cover

"I just wanted to thank you again for the great sendoff you gave my album. This is turning out to be quite the explosive year for me so far, and I know the work we did together was paramount in that ‘ignition’" - Sonya Heller

Ian McFeron - Radio album cover

"Yes, it feels like we made some big strides on the foundation that we built with the last campaign. Thank you for all your hard work on this project. I've recommended you to lots of people- you're such a hard working and diligent champion of independent music!" - Ian McFeron

Terri Binion - The Day After The Night Before album cover

"The tour was a perfect tour, went off without a hitch. I'm so grateful. I just wanted to thank you for assisting me with making the radio interviews happen. It was so good to have 4 of these spots happen along the tour, it really made things feel like I was moving my career along and getting work done and not just having fun!" - Terri Binion

Makar - Funeral Genius album cover

"Thanks again for all of your incredible efforts getting Makar music the attention it's been receiving. Couldn't do it without you guys!!!! Fantastic!!! You guys hit this campaign out of the park for us. Very excited for the next one!!!!!!!!" - Makar

Steve Hussey - The Miller Girl album cover

"I am beyond thrilled with the results of this campaign. I think there were a lot of really good releases over this same time frame and to break in the way we have when we were a total unknown is just fabulous." - Steve Hussey

Katie Buchanan - Glow album cover

"You did such tremendous work on the last two releases and truly helped me start carving out my tiny little spot in this crazy industry. Thank you!" - Katie Buchanan

April Martin - In The Blink of a Life album cover

"Thank you, Peter! I've been so appreciative of your constant attention to my album, and your clear explanations of its progress in the radio world. It's been a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to more in the future." - April Martin

The Nickel Slots - Five Miles Gone album cover

"We've been very happy with your work! Thx to you and your team." - The Nickel Slots

Deni Bonet - Bright Shiny Objects album cover

"We can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement with this campaign. We were quietly optimistic at the beginning, but this far exceeded our expectations and as we discussed at the outset, I believe that it will have long legs as more people discover it and find other tracks to play. I think it must be pretty unique in that EVERY SINGLE TRACK has been played by at least one station .... thanks for an amazing job from Deni and myself. It’s been such a pleasure working with you." - Paul Bevan, manager of Deni Bonet

Adam Mitchell - Back When We Were Cool album cover

"I really appreciate what a great job you're doing and your thorough attention to detail. I work really hard to make sure my end of things is right and I definitely appreciate you doing the same." - Adam Mitchell

Alyssa Jayson - Please Be True album cover

"Thanks so much for all your efforts, great insight and attention to detail. In the past, I've always felt so removed from the process of my radio promotion. But working with you and TwinVision, I felt supported every step of the way. From your guidance with my one-sheet, packaging and even your little mailing tips, I felt confident as an independent "little engine that could" during a time when there were many major label releases. Thank for getting "Please Be True" into people's hands, ears and on the airways across the globe. You are a superstar at what you know." - Alyssa Jayson

Footfall - Running Toward the Moon album cover

"A huge thank you to Peter Hay of Twin Vision in Brooklyn, NY for making all this happen. We refer to Peter as "our radio guy" but he should really have a title more like Radio Industry Genius. Stay tuned for an update... we have a little more radio campaign to go so a few more may pick us up. We're nearly speechless... this is beyond cool. But not too speechless to sing. Also, we are definitely seeing increased website and Facebook activity." - Debbie Cushman and Jim Christiansen of Footfall

Wounded Knee - High In A Neon Dive album cover

"This promotion has been a great experience for me. Thank you for contacting me & getting this thing rolling. Thank you for all of your advice & help." - Marc Delgado of Wounded Knee

Raffi Joe - Pushkin Street album cover

"Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you again for all of your great work. A radio station in Maryland just contacted me and they're spinning Pushkin Street. I asked how they found it, and sure enough, it was through TwinVision!" - Raffi Joe

Lee Lindsey - Flowers album cover

"Peter Hay has been pivotal in the re-establishing of my career with my 3rd album after a 5 year hiatus from the industry. He's done this not because he's a great guy (though he is) but because when he believes in something and gives his seal of approval, Radio Stations listen. Peter is a Song Man and when something moves him he goes with his gut. He has built a reputation with DJ's Nationally and Internationally that has expanded over a few decades now, they trust him. This is HUGE." - Lee Lindsey

The Currys - Follow album cover

"We started working with TwinVision without knowing what to expect. Within a couple weeks, we were receiving radio airplay across the entire country! Peter sent thorough reports every week letting us know where we were getting airplay and how many times the stations were spinning our songs. The campaign has opened up doors for radio appearances and shows in all kinds of cool places!" - The Currys

Little Band of Sailors - Woman with a Suitcase

"Thank you Sali and Peter for all your work. This has been a new experience for us. We have seen a measurable effect from this radio campaign. And it's been exciting to see the album get so much airplay, and to hear from people who have heard it on the radio, to make contact with some DJs, and to even break into some charts. Thanks again." - Rachel & Dimitriy of The Little Band of Sailors

Liz Cooper and The Stampede - Monsters

"Thank you so much for helping me with my radio promotion this past year, I feel like it was quite productive and am excited how everything turned out. Would love to work with you again in the future; I have some big stuff planned for this year and next year so I definitely would love to work with you again." - Liz Cooper

Wunderbugg - Written in Flesh

"I used Peter extensively for my first 1.5 album releases. His company, Twin Vision played a vital role in pushing us from an artist with college radio plays into the realm of Billboard and major label (we had an offer from Universal Records). I would highly recommend him for any artist who wants clear and visible radio results. Great Results, Personable, Good Value." - Whidden Flores, of Wunderbugg

Casey Weston - Find the Moon

"Thank you for a great campaign. Thank you for representing and pushing for Casey's music on the radio stations with your network and contacts. You have earned our sincere gratitude and admiration for your direct no-nonsense approach and excellent results." - Dave Weston, manager of Casey Weston

Ray Vaughn - Way Down Low

"You've brought me to a place I haven't been before, seems to point to more work on my part, I'm ready, I feel supported on both coasts. you've really turned this thing around for me...you've really inspired me to step up my game, and go for it, again!" - Ray Vaughn

Fellaheen - You Either Get Hands or You Get Wings

"Peter Hay... did a great job in getting the album out all over. We'll be using him again for the new album in September.. I was really impressed. A total straight shooter, and went above and beyond the call of duty." -Bruce Hanson, Fellaheen

Pi Jacobs - Urbanica album cover

"Peter helped set up a number of interviews for us. Every Radio person I met on the tour said that they love getting calls from Peter Hay, which is exactly the kind of representation I want for my music!" Pi Jacobs ("Urbanica")

Dan Bern - Drifter album cover

"Best money I ever spent. I would go back to Peter Hay anytime. He is dogged in getting airplay, and prompt and thorough with the reports." Dan Bern ("Drifter", "Double Header")

Dean Landew - Indestructible Voices album cover

"You provide a very real and meaningful service, and you're a pleasure to work with. Long may you run. : )" Dean Landew ("Indestructible Voices")

rorie kelly - Wish Upon a Bottlecap album cover

"Thank you so much for all the new opportunities that are flooding into my life because of your work." - Rorie Kelly

Chrysta Bell - This Train album cover

"You guys all rock! You are like a bunch of magic music wizards - really though, thank you guys so much for everything you do for everyone - what you do is so important! Beyond the actual work you do - the people that you guys are, your attitudes, and most especially your belief in other people is so important in the scheme of bigger things - the matters of the spirit. In the same way that a song or a chord or a word might move a mountain within another person - (unknown to the creator), so you guys do that with your enthusiasm, your attitudes and your support - whether you always know or not, you are moving your own mountains with all of the little things that you do. Thank you guys so much, really - we are all so lucky to have people like you." - Chrysta Bell ("This Train")

Kickin Grass Band - Walk With Me album cover

"We were very happy with the results Peter Hay and Twin Vision delivered. It was so helpful receiving a weekly report from Twin Vision that compiled and summarized our airplay activity across the country and the globe. As a touring band we don't have the time, resources or connections to comb through every playlist and know who is spinning our record, but now we have a clear picture of which areas of the country are connecting with and playing our music. We can route tours through these towns knowing we're on the air in advance of a show, and reach out to stations who are playing us about in-studio performances whenever we're passing through. This is an invaluable resource." - The Kickin Grass Band

The Red Buttons - As Far As Yesterday Goes album cover

"You have worked tirelessly for my music dating back to Instant Pleasure (2004). Thank you! You and Sali are the best in the business--so happy you're 'on the team'!" -Seth Swirsky, artist/producer/songwriter with The Red Button

Mare Wakefield - Ironwood album cover

"Peter Hay did a fabulous job of promoting our last record. Thanks to his tireless work, Ironwood was the highest debuting new record on the AMA charts for its first week. I look forward to working with Peter in the future and would recommend him highly!" -Mare Wakefield, nationally-touring independent artist

"I had heard good things about Peter Hay when looking for a promoter, and he didn't disappoint when I hired him, getting me more airplay than my previous projects combined. He's a true pro and great to work with." -Robert Allen/Sha-La Music

Neil Nathan - The Distance Calls album cover

"I've had the pleasure to work with Peter Hay on two successful campaigns this past year. I couldn't have asked for a better comrade in arms. And beyond that, he taught me a hell of a lot about the world of radio, which was certainly not part of the job description." -Neil Nathan, artist/producer, president of Pirate Vinyl Records

Markus James - Timbuktoubab album cover

"Peter has fearlessly presented our (very non-mainstream) music to radio programmers; when we played on WUMB , the host said Peter stands out as someone who is just about the music, and she always checks out what he recommends." -Markus James, singer-songwriter (Twin Vision client since 1990)

Alexis P Suter Band - Two Sides album cover

"Our motto at Hipbone has always been to use the greatest, and Peter Hay is one of them. We have worked with Peter on a few projects. He is a pleasure to work with; very concise and a true professional". -Ray Grappone and Vicki Bell, Hipbone Records/The Alexis P. Suter Band

Ali Milner - self-titled album cover

"Sometimes Triple A radio is simply the right way to go. Peter Hay from TwinVision does a great job. Our artist, Ali Milner, was played on over 40 stations right across the country, and tracked on several. A remarkable feat when working with a new artist!" - Purple House Productions

"In today's music industry, finding a trustworthy partner for radio promotion can be a problem. Peter Hay and Twin Vision are the solution. Peter's experience and commitment to personal attention are overshadowed only by the results he delivers. He is our go-to guy for radio." -Bobby Hanson, Citation Records

"You have provided WAER with some incredible music over the years and that is something we can both be proud of." -Eric Cohen, Music Director

Hank Kim - Blue Alibi album cover

"Peter Hay is that rare breed of hype artist, who actually exudes integrity, depth of knowledge and a finely honed instinct for understanding and communicating an artist's vision. Peter is a champion of good music; he has no other agenda." -Hank Kim, NYC-based singer/musician.

Brazz Tree - Quest album cover

"We have worked with several media outlets in promoting our album and categorically Peter Hay at Twin Vision Radio Promotions has been the best! We heard from him almost daily with updates and each Friday he sent us a detailed report of which radio stations had added us and how well it was doing at the station. We would look forward to this report each week; there is a great feeling seeing your record being spun all over the country! We highly recommend his services!" -Brazz Tree

Tori Sparks - Under This Yellow Sun album cover

"I'm used to handling all of my own promotion, so I was extremely jittery at the idea of putting it in someone else's hands. However, working with Peter Hay has turned out to be one of the most worthwhile investments I've made since diving into this crazy career. It just goes to show that honesty, professionalism, and even a sense of humor can still be found in the music business. Thank you so much." -Tori Sparks; Independent international recording artist, #1 Record on WDPS

Joel Arant - To Whom It May Behoove album cover

"As a 'complete unknown' I really didn't know what to expect from a radio promotion. Peter got people to listen to 'To Whom it May Behoove'. Some liked it and played it. Some played it a lot. Even after the promotion campaign ended I continue to get new stations playing it and I'm tickled no end." -Joel Arant, singer/songwriter/producer