Goals, Connections, New Platforms & Ideas...Inspiration

Any artist or label we work will also be able to take advantage of our extensive music industry experience and connections gathered from over thirty years in the business.

Our objective is to see any positive results from the radio airplay connect to broader career and business opportunities for our clients. We help clients not only reach their preconceived goals but inspire new ones. We provide ideas as to how a radio promotion campaign relates to attracting labels, increasing sales and getting gigs. We advise and direct clients to connections and contacts for marketing, street teams, publicity, A&R, international licensing or major label affiliation, and booking agents.

Besides drawing on resources acquired over time, we will share what is working for other clients. In some cases we have connected clients, who share ideas and resources.

We want the promotion to inspire the artist and help everyone concerned understand there is a tradition of connecting the music to fans through radio that is as old as the record business and which remains even more vital today. There is nothing like knowing your music is being played for tens of thousands of potential fans who are so motivated that they actually contact the station and request your music.

Whatever the goals are for this effort, we want to make sure the results are viable and will make the artist consider how to make artistic choices in the future that resonate even more with the audience.